Video der Woche – The Alaskan Way

Alaska – DER Traum aller Freeride und Powderliebhaber. Godu Productions nimmt uns Zuschauer mit auf eine Reise ins ferne Haines, Alaska. Besonders gefällt uns, dass nicht die perfekten Hollywoodreifen Stunts gezeigt werden, sondern das echte Lernen in den Heliski-Bergen rund um Haines.

Hinsetzen, relaxen und sich vom Leben in recht speziellen Leben in und rund um Haines inspirieren lassen.

Die komplette Story, leider auf polnisch, findet ihr hier.

Zum Vimeo-Channel von Godu Productions.

Informationen zum Film

“The Alaskan Way” is a documentary film chronicling a season spent in a community of heli-skiers in Haines, Ak. that asks: “Is living the dream worth risking it all? Together the heli skiers explore the commitments, sacrifices and rewards of living a life with deep passion for deep powder.

During the filming of The Alaskan Way a great tragedy occurred. Heli ski guide and avalanche forecaster Rob Liberman and client Nick DoDov perished in an avalanche on 3/13/12. I will never forget that day as it set my own life on a course to produce this film with suddenly incomprehensible obligations. How the story could be told and how could the story not be told were constant daily questions as perspectives mounted, some with vehemently opposing views. As a director I had only a simple solution-tell the truth with the footage I have and put it out there.

This nearly 60 minute documentary film about Heli Skiing may not entertain you and I apologize personally to anyone who is bored reviewing the material, it is not ski porn. This film informs viewers about the circumstances discovered by a team of professional heli ski guides operating in a consequential environment. Despite thier best efforts to ensure safety in the mountains they met a situation where all efforts still resulted in the loss of two lives and one lesson learned: The best can still have a bad day.

Please consider supporting the availability of this film with a donation of $5 or more to the tip jar. 10% of profits will be donated to Avalanche Education initiatives chosen by The Alaskan Way TV LLC. Any donation helps and I hope you will remember Rob Liberman, Nick Dodov and the valliant efforts of thier colleagues and friends. Please introduce your friends, families and fellow powder skiers to the lifestyle that for a brief moment in time was captured here and asks us all to weigh the decisions we make when committing to the pursuit of deep passion for deep powder.

Ben Clark
Director, The Alaskan Way


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